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In order to publish your game on our platform, we need some basic information about your product that will be displayed in the storefront.


When it comes to preparing a Coming Soon or a Pre-order page, the game build(s) can be provided at a later date.

Assets Checklist

  • Game DRM-free master build
  • Game key art & logo in at least 1920 x 1080 layered PSD files. In our assets pack you will find the templates that you can use to create the storefront assets yourself (after unpacking the archive, open the readme file first)
  • Game description (with localized versions) & system requirements
  • Screenshots (12 is the preferred number; all should have the same aspect ratio)
  • Trailer (including the GOG logo on the endslate, or store agnostic). You can download the logo pack from our repository.

Existing Game Info on Other Platforms

In the case of a game description and system requirements, you can provide us with links to your game page on other platforms. The same applies to screenshots and a trailer — as long as they are store neutral (have no store logo such as Steam).

Other Information

  • SKU breakdown if you plan to release special/deluxe edition, DLCs, soundtracks, bundles etc.
  • Price list and launch discount. You can find the template on our Google Drive
  • Your approval to generate 30 royalty-free review codes. The codes will be distributed by our PR team among media and influencers interested in covering your game in their channels
  • E-mail address of a person who takes care of community relations in your team – we’ll add his/her account to the developers group on our forums.

Contact Us

If you encounter any problems or have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please refer to the Post-Release Handout article available in the Developer Portal for all necessary contact information.

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