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Summary Issues

Build Creator verifies your project state on the fly and displays possible errors here. Every issue displayed is either an error or a warning.

Solving Issues

Errors are strict, logical problems. Please resolve them in order to be able to build and upload your game.

Warnings suggest that something is probably wrong in your project, though the raw logic of the project is still valid and you can build the game.


We cannot verify the correctness of your game content. Please check all of your packages twice before building your game.

When you encounter any issues in the Summary window, clicking the issue message should take you to the most probable place to fix it.

Code Type Explanation
1011 error Installation Directory property is invalid as a folder name (e.g., is empty or contains forbidden characters)
1024 error Specific package in the base product has no primary task. Create tasks and add them to the corresponding packages
1025 error Specific package in the base product has more than one primary task. Go to Packages window and deselect unnecessary tasks
1026 error Specific package in the base product has no depot. Create depots and add them to corresponding packages
1651 warning Content of a specific depot can’t be read or watched by GOG Build Creator. This might affect building your game. Make sure you have access and read permissions to folders specified as depot paths
2212 warning Depot you created is not added to any package
2213 warning Task you created is not added to any package
2351 error Specific package contains depots with duplicated file(s). There would be a conflict during installation on a user’s machine. Remember that the installation directory on a user’s machine is common for each depot you create
2777 error Depot Folder attribute refers to a directory that does not exist on your computer. Most commonly you will see this error after importing project prepared on a different machine
4323 error File Tasks Executable attribute refers to a file that cannot be found within a specific package. Either you forgot to add the depot to that package or the Executable attribute is wrong
4400 error The package doesn’t contain a depot that has the Contents subfolder. Open Files Preview window for that package to review your file structure. See Installation Directory to learn more.
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