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Lobby Chat


Chat in a lobby is handled by the ChatController class (available at Assets/Scripts/UI/GameMenu/MultiScene/ChatController.cs), and by the Matchmaking class, which is responsible for sending and receiving lobby chat messages. LobbyMessageListenerChat, which is required for handling lobby chat messages, is initialized when user joins or creates a lobby.

Initialization and Termination

When the user joins (LobbyEnteredListenerBrowsing.OnLobbyEntered()) or creates (LobbyCreatedListener.OnLobbyCreated()) a lobby, the Matchmaking.LobbyChatListenersInit() method is called and it initializes the LobbyMessageListenerChat listener. The listener is disposed of when the user leaves a lobby (LobbyLeftListenerInGame.OnLobbyLeft() or LobbyLeftListenerMainMenu.OnLobbyLeft()).

Definitions of Listeners


This is a listener for the event of receiving a lobby message. When a message comes to the lobby, OnLobbyMessageReceived() is called, which provides the information on the message ID and the length of the message.

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