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This class is responsible for accepting game invitations, for which there can be two scenarios:

  • When a user accepts an invite while already playing the game (the SetUpInviteInGame method).
  • When a user accepts an invite from the GOG GALAXY client (the CheckForInviteFromClient and the SetUpInviteFromClient methods).

In both situations, the received connectionString that has been sent along with the invite is parsed in order to retrieve a lobbyID and consequently to make the user join the lobby they were invited to.

Class Initialization and Termination

Like with other classes, this class initializes its own listeners when it is enabled and disposes of them when it is disabled.

Additionally, in the OnEnable MonoBehaviour class, we call the CheckForInviteFromClient method. This method will go through all command line arguments that the game was launched with and detect if the --JoinLobby=ConnectionString argument was used. More about this in the example of implementation.

    void OnEnable()

Definitions of Listeners


    private class GameJoinRequestedListener : GlobalGameJoinRequestedListener
        public override void OnGameJoinRequested(GalaxyID userID, string connectionString)
            Debug.Log("OnGameJoinRequested userID: \"" + userID + "\" connectionString \"" + connectionString + "\"");

This listener callback OnGameJoinRequested is triggered when a user is in game and accepts an incoming invitation. We use it to launch the SetUpInviteInGame(string connectionString) method.


    private class GameInvitationReceivedListener : GlobalGameInvitationReceivedListener
        public override void OnGameInvitationReceived(GalaxyID userID, string connectionString)
            Debug.Log("OnGameInvitationReceived userID: \"" + userID + "\" connectionString \"" + connectionString + "\"");

This listener callback OnGameInvitationReceived is triggered when a user receives a game invitation. We don’t use this feature in our project, but you can use this callback to display an in-game pop-up for the user, when a game invitation is received. We opted for handling the game invitations via the GOG GALAXY Overlay, which is accessible at all times with Shift+Tab.

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