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Our Recommendations for macOS Game Structure

We strongly recommend releasing the game as a single Application Bundle: all the game content, including game assets, DLCs, audio, etc. contained inside a single folder. However, this requires you to prepare a valid macOS Application Bundle beforehand.

Our recommendations:

  • Prepare application bundle according to the Apple documentation. All the product content (main game binaries, assets, as well as DLCs) should be installed inside the app bundle on the end-user machine.
  • Follow Apple’s recommendation and don’t write game saves and any temporary files inside the application bundle while it is running. For that you should use system preferred paths, for example ~/Library/Application Support/<gamename>. Otherwise, they could be lost during game files sync by GOG GALAXY. Read about GOG GALAXY Cloud Saves.
  • Select App bundle option in the Installation Directory section of Project Properties window.
  • Select your .app directory as an only one depot for a simple game, or — in case of having multiple depots across the game and its DLCs — make sure they have the same folder structure. Read more about adding depots.
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