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Matchmaking handles lobbies and lobby members. It is initialized when a player enters the Online section in the main menu of the game, and it remains present for the entire duration of the online game session. It is responsible for lobby-related operations during a multiplayer game, such as lobby creation, chat and handling the lobby view in UI.

The Matchmaking script is available at Assets/Scripts/GalaxyManager/Features/Matchmaking.cs.

The variables of the Matchmaking class store the lobbyID of the current lobby, the lobbyName and the userID of the lobby owner.

The GOG GALAXY SDK Matchmaking() methods enable operations on multiplayer lobbies, like creating, listing, joining and leaving a lobby, as well as changing and getting lobby data.


A lobby has to be set as joinable for the players to be able to enter it. In this demo, the maximum number of players per lobby is 2, and a multiplayer game can only be started with a full lobby.


This script is added as a component to the GalaxyManager GameObject, when the player opens the menu for an online multiplayer game. This happens in the OnlineController.OnEnable() method from the OnlineController script available at Assets/Scripts/UI/MainMenu/OnlineController.cs:

    void OnEnable()


The Matchmaking script is disabled when the player returns to the main menu. This is done by the MainController.OnEnable() method from the MainController script available at Assets/Scripts/UI/MainMenu/MainController.cs:

    void OnEnable () 

When this class is terminated, it ensures that all of its related classes are closed by calling the ShutdownAllMatchmakingClasses() method in the OnDisable() method:

    void OnDisable()
        // Make sure that all listeners are properly disposed when Matchmaking is closed.
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