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Game Engines Integration

Thanks to the fact that the GOG GALAXY SDK is available as C++ libraries, C# wrapper and a Unity package (based on the C# wrapper), GOG GALAXY features may be easily implemented in projects created with the majority of popular game engines.

In the table below you will find some additional information on popular game engines — it may be helpful during the planning process of GOG GALAXY features implementation:

Engine Scripting Languages Comment
Unity3D C# Native support: the GOG GALAXY SDK available as a script package asset for importing to a Unity project
Unreal Engine 4 C++, Blueprints Native support: a plugin for the GOG GALAXY SDK available on our GitHub repository
CRYENGINE C++, C# Native support
Game Maker Studio 2 GameMaker Language (GML) An open source wrapper for the GOG GALAXY SDK v1.113.3 created by Vadim Dyachenko (YellowAfterlife) available on his GitHub repository
RPG Maker Javascript No support
Amazon Lumberyard Lua C++ components can be added using “gems”
Godot GDScript, NativeScript,Visual Script C++ components can be added using “modules”
Visionaire Studio Lua Official GOG GALAXY SDK support: see commands containing GameClient
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