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Quality Assurance

Once you performed the actions described in Build Delivery (that is, you uploaded your Release Candidate build to the Developer Portal, it passed your internal tests, and you informed your Product Manager), the game will undergo a series of tests performed by our QA team.

  • Aside from checking the game to make sure there are no major bugs or crashes, we will also check the game for any DRM, as all games on GOG have to be playable offline and without the Galaxy client.
  • If the build that you sent is not a Release Candidate (i.e. it is a preliminary or a beta version, not the one that is going to be released on GOG), basic checks will be performed — more thorough tests will be carried out on the Release Candidate build.
  • If any issues are found, you will be informed about them by your Product Manager; QA comment and logs will usually be attached to the message.
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