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Beta Channels

This article will guide you through accessing the Beta Channels for your game in the GOG GALAXY client:

  1. Proceed to the game card for your game in the GOG GALAXY client.

    Game Card

  2. Enter game settings by clicking Settings icon, then selecting Manage Installation→Configure… from the drop-down menu:

    Configuration Menu

  3. On the game configuration screen, click Installation tab and then Beta channels drop-down list. If your channel is not password protected, you can now select it from the list. If it is password protected, select Add private channel:

    Selecting Beta Channels

  4. Enter the password for the channel when prompted (you will see the available channels/branches and their passwords on Branches tab of Builds & Branches screen, when you click Builds button for your game in the Games section of the Developer Portal):

    Channel Password

  5. The Beta channel should now be available in the drop-down list, so you can select it:

    Channel Connected

  6. Your game should now automatically update with the build from your selected Beta channel:

    Game Update

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