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Developer Portal Guide

The GOG Developer Portal is your command center, where you manage your builds and updates for Windows, macOS, and Linux and implement features available in our SDK.


If you have not yet received an invitation to our Developer Portal, please contact your Product Manager.

The GOG GALAXY ecosystem includes:

Devportal Menu

Item Function
News Information on changes in the Developer Portal: new features, enhancements, fixes, etc.
GOG GALAXY Components Redirects to product pages with basic info and download links for Build Creator, Demo Game, In-game Overlay, Pipeline Builder, SDK and UnrealEngine4 Plugin
Games Displays all products under the developer account and their product IDs. Allows to manage product settings such as leaderboards, achievements, statistics, SDK Credentials, DLCs, builds & branches and Devportal user permissions
Support Allows access to all existing articles and documentation and provides an option to submit a ticket. If anything seems unclear or is missing, please contact our dedicated GOG GALAXY Support team:
Username If your user account is assigned to more than one developer account, you can switch between those in the dropdown next to your username in Devportal
Users Allows you to manage users, invite new ones, and add licenses to accounts of your choosing

Games Screen: Product Buttons

Devportal Product Buttons

SDK Credentials


Steam.app_id and steam.private_key is only required when implementing crossplay.

  • DLC lets you see all the DLCs related to the base product.
  • Builds opens Builds & branches page — the only place that will allow you to publish builds and updates on the Master branch, making it available to all authorized users. This function is not accessible in Build Creator. You can view all of the uploaded builds here and see what branches they’re published on. You can also create your own branches in this menu (for example, a Beta branch for testing, protected with a password of your choice).
  • Admin opens the Permissions screen, where you can set Devportal user permissions for a particular product.
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