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Lobby Creation


There are two main methods responsible for lobby creation process — CreateLobby() in OnlineCreateController and a method of the same name in Matchmaking — as well as one listener (LobbyCreatedListener).

Initialization and Termination

The listener is enabled by the OnlineCreateController script and disposed of when the users either creates a lobby or leaves the OnlineCreateScreen.

Definitions of Listeners


This listener receives callbacks for the event of creating a lobby. The OnLobbyCreated() method informs whether a lobby was successfully created: if it was, the user joins it and it becomes ready for use.


We don’t use the LobbyEnteredListener here, but if we were using it, a notification for the LobbyEnteredListener.OnLobbyEntered would follow immediately after LobbyCreated.OnLobbyCreated, since the owner automatically enters the lobby they created.

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