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Extracts the game repository with all languages and products.


GOGGalaxyPipelineBuilder.exe extract-repository <repository_path> <output> <optional arguments>


GOGGalaxyPipelineBuilder.exe extract-repository c:\gamerepo\ c:\gamerepo\extracted\ --version="1.02" --log_level=debug

macOS and Linux

./GOGGalaxyPipelineBuilder extract-repository <repository_path> <output> <optional arguments>


./GOGGalaxyPipelineBuilder.exe extract-repository ~/gamerepo/ ~/gamerepo/extracted/ --version="1.02" --log_level=debug

Positional Arguments

Argument Description
<repository_path> Path to a directory containing the game repository
<output> Path to a directory, where the game files will be extracted to

Optional Arguments

Argument Description
-h, --help Displays help for the publish-build command and exits
--log_level=debug Enables generating debug logs during command execution; the logs are saved in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp__gog\logs (Windows) or $TMPDIR/__gog/logs (macOS)
--version VERSION Overrides the versionName property from the .json file of the project
--build_id BUILD_ID Extracts the game with a given build ID
--silent Performs extraction without asking questions. By default, this is disabled (false)
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