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Build Creator for Linux

Build Creator supports Linux! This means that not only it can be installed and launched on Linux operating systems, but it can also be used to upload Linux builds of your game.

Please note that the GOG GALAXY client is not supported on Linux at this time. The Linux builds uploaded with Build Creator will be provided to users through our usual channels: Linux installers available for download from a user's library on website.

Uploading a Linux Build

Uploading a Linux build is done the same way as with any other operating system. If you want to know more about uploading a game with GOG Build Creator, please see our Quick Start guide or browse through this Build Creator documentation, starting with creating a new project.

Releasing a Linux Build

Once you upload a Linux build using Build Creator, feel free to publish it to the Master branch. Once a Linux build is uploaded to the Master branch, we will treat it as a Release Candidate and prepare installers for it. If your game is not released yet, don’t worry: we will only make the installers available after the release.

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